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Mobile Mixed is more than a web show, blog, resource and community of awesome mobile marketers (which it is of course)… Mobile Mixed is a freakin’ mission.

What is this mission you ask? Great question.The mission is to help you have success incorporating mobile marketing strategies to your retail business by learning from the world’s top experts. In a nutshell: I’m here along with a plethora (yes plethora) of awesome friends to help you freakin’ dominate mobile. DOMINATE. The cornerstone of Mobile Mixed is the web show hosted by Greg Hickman (yes, me AND I just referred to myself in the 3rd person) featuring free, uncensored, raw interviews with successful mobile marketers & the world’s top experts sharing their insights and advice to help retailers/marketing people like you dominate mobile. Business. Mobile thingys. Fun. Living Life. Giddy Up!

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About Greg Hickman

What’s up! I’m Greg Hickman. I’m the Creator/Host of Mobile       Greg Hickman
Mixed, a Mobile Marketing Consultant focused on retail, Co-Founder of
Thumbfound, Entrepreneur & Mountain Biker.
I started off as an agency guy having the opportunity to work on brands like Pepsi, Lipton, and Walmart, creating and managing digital, in-store and grassroots initiatives.

In 2005, I began working at a small agency creating mobile marketing programs for AT&T, EA Games, Sony Pictures, The New York Jets, Florida Marlins, Winterfresh and Axe. I remember we tried to create these risque “moan” tones for Axe that were a bit over the top. They went with the “not so aggressive” moaning versions but an interesting experience none-the-less. But, I digress…
The last 3 years have been spent developing, implementing and managing mobile marketing programs for a media network of ~ 300 shopping centers across the country. Mobile and retail is extremely hot right now and implementing the right mobile strategies can have huge impacts on your business. Whether it’s driving people to your establishment, generating increased sales online or improving retention I can help. I’ve managed initiatives that cover Mobile Web, Smartphone apps, SMS, QR Codes, Location based services, mobile SEO etc.
It’s clear that mobile is not going away and your retail business must figure out how to add it to your strategy. Mobile Mixed is my way to help you create integrated mobile marketing strategies by talking with the best and most successful mobile marketers out there.
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